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Subway SurfersSubway surfers, the game was developed by the private companies known as KILOO and SYMBO. It is the game which is an endless runner mode in our mobiles or any android. The Unity game engine is used by the subway surfers in-order-to have the active performance. This game is supported by different types of androids and windows etc… In this game, the player plays the role of a teenager and he tries to escape from the police and his dog in different angles like sliding, skidding, jumping, flying etc., This game is meant for the just single person and he can compete with his friends by online by social websites.

Features of Subway Surfer v1.34.0

 This game helps player for the experience of different types of adventures by trains while playing or running.
 The option of the cool crew will help the player to destroy the trains during the game.
 The app consists of colorful HD graphics which can be easily attracted by the player.
 Another stunning feature of the game was Hoverboard surfing.
 There is a jet plane which releases different colors from it. Through that, the player can fly through and he can easily collect the huge amount of coins by fast moving.
 Acrobats are provided mean-while in the game by making it the player can run by the instant response by swiping or touch.
 By taking part in a leadership game the player can have a challenge with their friends or they can accept the challenge in the game.
 In-order-to getting experience in the game different outfits were introduced.
 It has the different types of maps example as like Hongkong in the latest update.
 New characters were introduced in this game, but we have to get more coins then we can buy it and play through that character.

How to download Subway Surfer v1.34.0

Click the link given in the article for downloading the best game of the year and enjoy happy and endless running in Subway Surfers.

Download Subway Surfers

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