Download Subway Surfers v1.36.1

Subway SurfersKILOO and SYMBO are the companies which developed the game Subway Surfers. This is an endless runner game with different features in the meanwhile. This is an Android application and also available in IOS. This game performs actively as it works through unity game engine. Windows also support the game in PC. The theme of the game is running away from the police and his dog for the crime of graffiti on the trains. Here player should take the role of a
teenager. During the run he should collect coins and crates in different angles by performing stunts like sliding, skidding, jumping, flying etc., Only one person can play at a time but can challenge other friends online by his record through social websites.

Features of Subway Surfers v1.36.1

  • Different types of characters were introduced in the game for run, but huge┬ánumber of coins are required to unlock the characters.
  • Outfits to the characters in the game can be customized for more enjoyment and experience.
  • Player can challenge other friend to compete with him against his record by participating in the leadership game mode.
  • Gamer can perform acrobats during the run just by swiping the screen in the required mode for particular-stunt or action.
  • Player can experience the game not only in running but also in surfing through the feature of hoverboard surfing in the game.
  • Jet plane provided in the game while running helps the player to fly over trains and can collect coins faster than before.
  • Realistic HD graphics of the game attracts the most players to take part in the game.

How to download Subway Surfers?

Run, jump, slide, surf and perform all the stunts in one place by installing Subway Surfers in your mobile. Simply click the button below the article and download it.

Download Subway Surfers

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