Download Subway Surfers v1.52.0

Subway SurfersGeneration doesn’t matter for experiencing a game like Subway Surfers. From kids to adults this game is most appreciated and grabbed attention. 2017 witnessed this game as most downloaded application of the year across the world. This game was released in the year of 2012, May 24. SYBO games of Denmark developed this game and introduced it. This game crossed one billion downloads threshold in play store. Basically, this game is an endless runner game for the crime of graffiti on trains, where the player should escape from police and his dog.

Features of Subway Surfers v1.52.0

  • Monetization, which is earning up to one million points easily is possible in this game.
  • Regular updates and mission notifications will be updated and lets you know through your regular login.
  • You can customize all the characters and costumes easily through the earned coins and points.
  • Android, IOS, Kindle and windows phone support this game as this uses the universal unity game engine.
  • Level board feature in the app helps you to see your friend’s activity and you can compete with them by challenges.
  • The graphics and player design are the hardcore segments of the game and its interface also holds good.
  • During the run you can find more interesting acts like performing stunts and acrobats like sliding, jumping, flying etc.,
  • Hoverboard ride is also provided in the Subway Surfers game for more action and this is also can be customized.
  • Jetpacks are also provided in the middle of the game run for flying over the trains, which helps the player to collect more coins and perform stunts.

How to download Subway Surfers v1.52.0?

Surf over the trains by performing stunts and acrobats by installing Subway Surfers in your device. Click the link available in the article for downloading the app.

Download Subway Surfers


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