Download Subway Surfers v1.52.0

Subway SurfersGeneration doesn’t matter for experiencing a game like Subway Surfers. From kids to adults this game is most appreciated and grabbed attention. 2017 witnessed this game as most downloaded application of the year across the world. This game was released in the year of 2012, May 24. SYBO games of Denmark developed this game and introduced it. This game crossed one billion downloads threshold in play store. Basically, this game is an endless runner game for the crime of graffiti on trains, where the player should escape from police and his dog.

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Download Subway Surfers v1.51.0

Subway SurfersSubway surfers is an adventure game which has been designed to entertain all the adventure gamers. This game is about finishing the way collecting coins that player would get throughout the game. The twist would be that Player and his friends (means other characters of the game would try to run from the chasing policeman. The game is quite interesting as all the way you would get different obstacles which you would need to pass without getting hit.  The game has different levels that will never let get bored of it.

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Download Subway Surfers v1.50.0

Subway SurfersSubway Surfer is a game you can play for killing your spare time and making yourself busy somewhere. The game is simple, you need to keep traveling by saving yourself from everyone can hurdles. You just need to keep running. Collect the points and reach the reaching point to win the game. There are many levels available. If you want, you can upgrade yourself to it. All over, the game is pretty good to kill the time. Continue reading

Download Subway Surfers v1.48.0

Subway SurfersPeople these days are fond of games. They like playing different games. Mobile games are the one they prefer to play all day. But it’s difficult to choose one kind of game among the billion of games available in store. There are so many games available one can play but it is a difficult choice to choose one among so many and it could be a long task to choose one and play. But here is a good game you can play if you wish to in order to remove the boredom of your life. Talking about the game, it is called as Subway Surfer and one can play it very easily. You just need to download the app and start playing. Talking about what you need to do in the game, you have to keep running from the cops and moving. In the way, you will meet many obstacles but the game is to overcome those obstacles and reach to the last line. If you do that, you will win the game. One more thing you should consider is to keep yourself safe from everything. You have to make sure that nothing should harm you. And if you do so, the chances of winning will increase. The game is solo and you can play it alone without asking anyone to play with you. But the only requirement is that you must download the app for that. Continue reading

Download Subway Surfers v1.45.0

Subway SurfersSubway Surfers is an endless free-to-play runner available on Android, iOS, Kindle and Windows Phone. Kiloo and SYBO, two companies in Denmark, developed the game in 2012. It is one of the most popular games available on Mobile devices with one billion downloads on the Google Play Store and the 2nd most downloaded game of all times on the Apple App Store. The game features a bunch of kids that paint a graffiti on a train station and try to escape a cop and his dog on being caught. While running the kids need to avoid trains and roadblocks throughout the game.

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Download Subway Surfers v1.44.5

Subway SurfersThis is an amazing endless running game. This one is the best games we have among all action games. In this game we all have to run from the police running behind, to catch us. We have to keep running and cross all the obstacles in our way to succeed. This game is not like the other games, there is no opponent in this game, you just need to run and save yourself from the police. You need to move your character between the three lanes where the trains keep coming, we need. To swipe our character to save it from obstacles. You can also use different gadgets like jetpacks, skateboards to save yourself. You also need to collect all the coins and gadgets that come in your way. With the help of the coins, you can buy upgrades. It is a very impressive game, once you start playing it you will get addicted to
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Download Subway Surfers v1.44.3

Subway SurfersSubway Surfers is best-downloaded game across the world till 2017. May 24, 2012 witnessed the introduction of this game into the market. This game was developed by the KILO and SYMBO games incorporation in Denmark. From adults to kids, everyone likes to play this game in their free time. This game was downloaded more than one billion times from google play store. This was the first game to reach that mark on google play. Continue reading

Download Subway Surfers v1.44.1

Subway SurfersSubway surfers is an endless runner game co-developed by Kiloo and SYBO games. It’s the best and one of the most played mobile game. This is the best app to kill time. Subway Surfers is available for multiple operating systems like iOS, Android, Kindle and Windows phone. Its wide accessibility makes it reach out to most of the population. The game creates a character of a teenager who runs down the railway track trying to get rid of an inspector and his dog, the teenager is controlled by the user. It is a single player mobile game and it runs on the Unity engine.

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Download Subway Surfers v1.43.0

Subway SurfersA game on your mobile that you always want play and grabbed the attention of many people even from kids to adults is Subway Surfers. The most downloaded game across the globe in the year 2017 is subway surfer. It was actually co-developed by kilo and SYBO games in Denmark. It was released on 24th May, 2012. It crossed one billion downloads threshold and is considered to be the first game on google play store to reach that mark.

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Download Subway Surfer v1.40.0

Subway SurfersThis game is one of the most interesting games. It is an endless running game in which you have to keep running and cross all the hurdles and save yourself from the police behind you. This game is one of the most loved games throughout the world. This game is basically conducted on a railway track where the trains will keep coming your way, and you have to swipe right an left to move. You need to collect as many coins as you can to increase your coins. With the help of the coins you can upgrade or add skateboard, jetpacks and many other gadgets that will help you in your race journey. The controls in this game are amazing and the graphics make the game perfect to play. In this game there is no opponent, rather you are only player in the game and you have to save yourself from the police. All in all it is a great game to play with some great controls and graphics. Once you start playing the game you will surely get addicted to playing it.

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